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Classy Office Spaces for Ambitious & Driven Magnates

The amount of effort and investment you are willing to lay in picking your dream

office is an indication of your ambition. Are you that ambitious business that is

determined to succeed? If your answer is yes, then an uncompromising office

environment positioned at one of the business capitals of the city is just the thing you

need. Embrace the essence of true success, delivered with our fully equipped office

spaces that come with a flavour of luxury and comfort to give your brand the right

identity. Whether you are building your brand or expanding towards growth, ABIL

Boulevard has all the right ingredients measured to perfection within its premium

office spaces.

The Business Magnate Mindset

Your success depends on hard work and motivation. Our premium office spaces at

ABIL Boulevard offer the right amenities and access to the latest business

management tech to operate your businesses seamlessly and stay ahead of the curve.

Here are our facets of a truly uncompromising experience:

1. Meeting rooms that kick off your days with transparent communication and a

goal-oriented approach.

2. Banqueting and Catering services to offer a premium and comfortable experience

for your clients and partners so you can execute your discussions without worry

3. Activity areas equipped with a swimming pool, gym, and squash court to keep your

workforce consistently motivated and longing for the time at the office. Remember, a

positive work environment delivers greater productivity.

4. Enjoy Spa and Salon facilities to look your sharpest.

5. Let loose after the day at the restaurant or grab a quick beverage at the on-site café

without wasting your precious minutes.

ABIL Boulevard is a place that turns your dreams and ambitions into a reality with our

premium facilities and luxury office space that leave a lasting impact on your clients

while also motivating your workforce to deliver more. But wait, there are more

benefits to this project.

Destination destined for success

When your dreams are big, you must position yourself at the business capital that

does justice to your ambition. ABIL Boulevard is the place to be for your business if you

wish to enjoy all the luxurious amenities and the benefits that come with it while you

delve amidst the biggest competition and business opportunities alike.

Become accessible to your clients with ease at ABIL Boulevard, stationed at the heart

of one of the business capitals of Pune, Koregaon Park. The location is buzzing with

the biggest names in the industry whom you can connect with within minutes. And

speaking of connectivity, Koregaon Park shares a strong network of connectivity with

the top touchpoints of the city. The drive to and from your business travels turns easy

when the airport is only 4.5 km away, and the proposed Kalyani Nagar Metro Station is

a stone’s throw away from you. Undoubtedly, a talented workforce is easy to find

when you are in the most desirable location of the city. Moreover, Pune University,

Shivaji Nagar, and the Deccan Gymkhana, some of the prominent destinations of

Pune, are within a 10 km radius of ABIL Boulevard. A strategic location like this again

contributes to a skilled workforce at the office through the easy commute.

Power up your ambitions with the benefits of ABIL Boulevard – a place that turns your

dreams into a reality.

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