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ABIL Foundation Extends Support to Farmers in Maharashtra

India is largely an agrarian economy, where almost 70% of the population depends on agriculture as a means of livelihood. Yet, a shocking 11.2% of farmers in the country commit suicide on account of various reasons such as the failure of monsoons, mounting bank debts, family strifes, among others. In Maharashtra alone, it has been estimated that over 23,000 farmers have committed suicide since 2009.

In the wake of numerous suicides by farmers across Maharashtra, the Shivar Foundation in Osmanabad has taken upon itself to work towards the cause and upliftment of farmers in Maharashtra. Since the past 3 years, the Shivar Foundation through its ‘Shivar Sansad Youth Movement’ has been addressing the issues and problems faced by farmers. This noble cause has now received a boost from the support provided by Pune-based ABIL Foundation, which is involved in helping a number of human causes in the spheres of civic welfare, sports, healthcare and many more.

With the donation of Rs. 6.5 lakhs provided by ABIL Foundation, Shivar Foundation has now set up a special helpline centre called ‘Shetkari Mitra Kendra’, which encourages farmers in Maharashtra to get in touch with the foundation, with the aim to find suitable solutions to their problems. The helpline centre also assists farmers in understanding the legal implications of government rules and regulations and helping them get in touch with relevant government departments and officers to solve their problems.

As part of ABIL Group’s continued efforts to contribute to the progress and development of civic society, this support to the farmers in Maharashtra will certainly go a long way in helping better the lives of the less fortunate.

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