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An Ideal Home at an Ideal Location: Avaanti Residences by ABIL Group

Considering all the needs of the modern-day, house-hunting can seem like an uphill battle. But have you considered that gaining lucidity on your needs and non-negotiables might make it relatively simple to identify the properties you might be interested in calling home? Let’s look at some of the fundamental factors that influence home-buying decisions based on some conventional and some present-day needs to understand what makes a house an ideal home.


A Home that Fosters Productivity & Fulfilment

Wondering what defines a nonpareil home? There are several factors. Being situated at a prime location is one of the very first factors. However, there are more things to look out for. For instance:

  • Luxury
  • Spacious rooms
  • Amenities and other facilities
  • Interiors
  • Quality of Life
  • Distance between flats and rooms
  • Surrounded by greenery


Factors like these make a home a perfect abode. People often assume that finding the luxury of space in the most desirable locations of Pune takes a lot of work. However, that’s not true. Even in the most prominent areas like Shivaji Nagar, Kalyani Nagar, and Tilak Road, you can find ultra-spacious, luxurious homes that give you a panoramic view from your balcony. The example below will simplify and evince the same.


Adjudging the Location

How do you know when a location is right for you? It’s simple. Go with the 5-point analysis while you are on your home-buying journey. This fundamental 5-point analysis below will surely make finalising a location easy for you.


  1. Work

How far is your office from your home? Ideally, you should reach your office within 30 minutes or less. If the travel time is more, consider the other options before taking a call.


  1. Education

Have children, or are you planning on having them someday? Then you must look out for good schools in the neighbourhood when looking for a home. It might seem like a distant concern, but it’s real. You don’t want to be anxious about the quality of education your child receives or be worried about them reaching school and back home safely.


  1. Medical Facilities

Health comes first. So, whether or not there are good clinics or hospitals around is a crucial factor to consider. A drive to the clinic is rarely fun; you don’t want to make it longer and risk the lives of your loved ones or yourself.




  1. Safety

Isn’t safety the best insurance for you and your loved ones? It is not only your task but also your responsibility to find a safe neighbourhood that provides a sense of security for you and your family members.


  1. Socialising

Human beings are social animals, and human contact is essential for our emotional well-being. Don’t forget to prioritise this need when looking for a home. See if you find a like-minded community, an apartment that offers facilities encouraging meeting people, socialising or gathering. Also, see if there are good social hubs, cafes, restaurants, parks, clubs, etc., nearby.


All the Conveniences of a Modern Life at a Prime Location: Avaanti Residences

ABIL’s Avaanti Residences is a great example to illustrate that Pune still has some really spacious homes that too in the most desirable locations. Avaanti Residences, located at Tilak Road, is known for its ultra-luxurious 3.5 BHK, 4.5 BHK and 5BHK apartments and duplexes. Here, you will find exceptional amenities like a banquet hall, a gymnasium, a board games room, a landscaped podium deck, a podium-level children’s play area, a society meeting room and more.


It also offers incredible connectivity to top educational institutions like Fergusson College, BMCC, Pune University, and some renowned clinics and hospitals like Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital, Sathe Hospital, etc. Peak whereabouts like Laxmi Road, MG Road, Sarasbaug, Deccan Gymkhana, Mukund Nagar, and Pune Railway Station are all within 5 km distance from Avaanti Residences. The location, excellent connectivity, designs, classy interiors, top-of-the-range amenities and a spectacular view of lush green trees from the balconies make Avaanti Residences the perfect home for anyone.


The perfect blend of luxury, comfort, location and a scenic view that we all desire makes Avaanti Residences an archetypal home. 

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