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Coronavirus Relief: ABIL brings in a Ray of Hope
India is a country where the income gap between sections of people is wide. This has caused there to be a gap between their accessibility to many basic needs; not the least among them is medical services. And this has only become more glaringly obvious with COVID-19. Declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), COVID has tremendously disrupted the socio-economic conditions of our planet. Social distancing and lockdowns were implemented throughout the world to mitigate the spread. But the lockdowns impacted economic conditions, and a lack of awareness added to the healthcare problems.

As a solid value-based corporate organization, ABIL contributes to various social welfare initiatives under the umbrella of the ABIL Foundation.

With help from governments, local hospitals, and healthcare institutions, we provided support and donations to help the heroes of this nation offer the necessary care.

For the Rural Communities

As the crisis transformed the way we think and work, it brought to our attention how we could help the rural communities. The ABIL Foundation contributed ₹25 lakhs to Mahabaleshwar’s Morarji Gokuldas Rural Hospital in support of the fight against COVID-19.

Often, rural hospitals get overlooked and fall short on acquiring the assistance they need. By supporting the Morarji Gokuldas Rural Hospital in Mahabaleshwar, we wanted to ensure they get access to a pathology laboratory and provide quality patient care to the locals. We have since been in touch with the hospital’s administration and were told the donation proved beneficial in helping many patients.

For the Frontline Warriors

Over the last year, our policemen made sure of the swift movement of essential services. They have also ensured the necessary restrictions were followed, all of this with minimal to no protective gear.

The Avinash Bhosale Group also took the initiative to install four Sanitization & Infra-red Temperature Check machines at the Office of the Commissioner of Police and two devices at the Collector Office.

In this battle, the infection has claimed several lives in the state police force. And, to provide support to the families of our deceased heroes, ABIL has contributed Rs.1 lakh each to 30 police families.

For Urban Care

In the fight against the Coronavirus, Mr. Amit Avinash Bhosale donated a 13000 Litre Oxygen Tank to the Pune Municipal Corporation. As Oxygen is a vital need in the treatment of those infected, the donation served to help support the State-of-Art 270-Bed Covid Center in Baner, Pune.

Having access to quality healthcare has an essential function in a city’s growth and development. This is why the ABIL Foundation donated resources for the installation of a luxury suite at Pune’s Ruby Hall Clinic.

Business should mean growth for everyone. In ABIL’s opinion, it is not only limited to the employees, partners, or homebuyers, but it is also for our communities and our overall society. There is always a need for significant participation from the private sector, especially now, as we are in the midst of a global health crisis.

The health of a country is dependent on the health of its people and we find ourselves in the unique position to pay attention to and provide for the rising and immediate healthcare needs of the underprivileged. With that in mind, the ABIL Foundation has contributed to sustaining local support for the citizen’s evolving needs, and we hope to continue doing so.

The pandemic has changed the way we do business. It has also changed the ways in which local communities need support. The ABIL Group will continue to lend a helping hand wherever and whenever the need arises throughout and beyond the pandemic. And, together we will get through this.

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