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How Private Organizations Contribute To The Development Of Pune’s Health Infrastructure?

Public Health Infrastructure is a key pillar supporting the fundamental aim of promoting improved care and wellbeing standards for all patients and a good healthcare system experience. Simultaneously, the healthcare system and its staff need to support effective health promotion and prevention of the total population.

The Key to Healthcare Improvement

Hospitals have a crucial role in offering entrance to disadvantaged groups of people who do not easily find access to primary care. Along with this, it is vital to focus on the wellbeing of staff, as their health is integrally associated with ensuring better care for patients.

Health Infrastructure: Pune
Pune is a city where people from many walks of life have decided to make a home.

A city’s attractiveness & retention depends on the living standard and the level of safety it offers its residents. A low-quality health infra can affect the quality of living.

There is always a demand for meaningful participation from the private sectors. The urgency of this need has only increased with the arrival of a global health crisis.

The health of a city is dependent on the health of its people. And the health of the people is dependent on the facilities provided to them.

The ABIL Foundation is uniquely positioned to reach out and lend a helping hand in the healthcare structure. This is why we have contributed to sustaining the public health infrastructure. And then ensuring it is equipped to meet the city’s evolving needs.

Though the government is responsible for providing last-mile healthcare facilities to the citizens, we understand that there is much that organizations can do to support health care as a part of social initiatives. And in this last year, the companies’ focus has significantly shifted to healthcare facilities in Pune.

All of this is especially important as the quality of healthcare services in the country is alarmingly inadequate. To mitigate this, the ABIL Foundation is channelling its focus on the poor condition of public health across the nation.

With our involvement, we hope to open avenues for improved technology, equipment, services, and finances that have benefitted the citizens, both in rural and urban areas.

Infrastructure needs to integrate a hospital structure, as the centre for acute and inpatient care, with the broader health care system. It is vital to facilitate the seven domains of quality– patient experience, timeliness efficiency, effectiveness, general safety, sustainability, and equity.

ABIL's Recent Contributions to the City

This is why the ABIL Foundation last year donated resources to help install a luxury suite at Pune’s Ruby Hall Clinic. Offering best-in-class health facilities in Pune.

The Pune Municipal Corporation set up a COVID-Care facility at its six-storey building in Baner. This hospital is functional to aid patients with moderate and high-risk symptoms of COVID 19. The facility boasts 42 beds with a ventilator and 270 oxygenated beds.

Access to not merely healthcare but quality healthcare is essential for a city’s growth and development. In ABIL’s view, our support is not simply limited to our employees, partners, or homebuyers. We are regularly on the lookout for areas where we can offer aid to our communities and our overall society.

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