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Interiors that Compliment Sea-Facing Homes in Mumbai

In the city of dreams, everyone strives for better!
To achieve more, be more significant, live better and experience the finest of what life has to offer. No grand vision is outrageous in this sophisticated city of Mumbai; instead, you’re only a step closer to making it all a reality. For a select few in the bounds of the city, there is an increasing demand for a home that mingles luxury, serenity and unparalleled vantage unlike any other. Catering to the desires of many, delivering to a few, are various leading real estate groups like ABIL Group. They are transforming the city’s blueprints and reshaping Mumbai’s skylines with ultra-premium properties. These estates are a notch above all others, with avant-garde architecture, futuristic amenities and infrastructure that fulfills the yearning to live the best life. What defines these properties apart from the rest are the picturesque sea-facing homes to wake to every day. When your home exudes an air of luxury unlike any other, the interiors also demand an impeccable finesse of bespoke designs unique to every homeowner.

Let’s glance at the extravagant interiors that mark these sea-facing homes as extraordinary abodes.

An Ornamental World View
Imagine walking into a stellar, spacious home with a gazing view of the Arabian sea. That’s a peculiar advantage of a house with floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows that allows a glimpse of the world beyond. These serve as a window to your home’s soul and can serve as the statement of your interiors! Dress it with a selection of vintage designer drapes and lights accentuating this peculiar landscape. Set a low-lying coffee bar to enjoy the scenery while sipping a delicious beverage. Plush recliners, vibrant ottomans and luxury carpets can make a cozy nook to read and enjoy the view every changing season.

Regal Accents & Textures
A complement of royal accents and bold textures can accentuate the interiors of your luxurious duplex apartments in South Mumbai. Embrace the beauty of contradictions-simple solid colours and bold textures, a touch of glamourous fittings & minimal furniture and regal hues with modern textures. Omit the use of an archaic colour palette; mix it up with shades that reflect your aesthetics. Play it up with bold colours, modern textures and vibrant furnishings that bring it together in perfect union. After all, your interiors are a reflection of your bespoke style. Layer your home with fabrics and materials across different surfaces like wall hangings, rugs, couches, and cushions.

Nature’s Play Area
Create a beautiful green scape indoors—a stark contrast to the city’s concrete forest. Embrace a tropical vibe to go with blue skies and the stunning panoramic sea-facing scenery of your uber-privé home in South Mumbai. The open space planning invites an interplay of natural light and ventilation to touch the corners of your spacious abode. An indoor bonsai garden and well-manicured green pockets can add a refreshing charm to your interiors. Natural furnishings and accessories can level up your home a step further.

Interior Design by Versace Homes
Add a golden touch of luxury, unlike any other, with exclusively designed interiors by Versace Home. A glimpse of the specially crafted home décor and spectacular furnishings can be seen at the luxurious ABIL Mansion by ABIL Group. The interiors surpass the ordinary with porcelain & crystal finishing and a signature touch of none other than Donatella Versace. These insights can create an immaculate interior for your sea-facing homes in Mumbai.

Watch them come to life near you at the new project by ABIL Group on Hughes Road, named ABIL Mansion.

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