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Lavish Homes Crowned with Premium Commercial Spaces at Avaanti Residences


Pune, with its luxurious homes and premium commercial spaces, has become a highly desired destination for many.

Pune continues to be one of the best cities in India due to its heritage, excellent weather, expanding industries, a diverse range of domains, education, and other factors.


Some locations in Pune are more recognised than others. This has boosted the city’s real estate market in those pockets. This reflects in an increase in residential, commercial, and integrated properties. This has become the new trend in popular areas such as Shivaji Nagar, Bhosale Nagar, Kalyani Nagar, Tilak Road, and so on.


Avaanti Residences by ABIL Group is an excellent example of this trend in Pune Real Estate.


Why is Avaanti Residences a Top-Tier Property?

Avaanti Residences appeals to both families and businesses, offering everything from economic opportunities to surrounding luxuries. Modern-day luxuries extend beyond the confines of homes and living spaces to include the neighbourhood and urban amenities. The strategic destination and the innovative planning of Avaanti Residences build a unique ecosystem of businesses and homes that mutually benefit in a system of coexistence. It is a perfect blend of comfort, security and accessibility.


Lavish Homes that Redefine Luxury and Comfort

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in unrivalled luxury in the heart of a city like Pune? You not only enjoy the premium lifestyle of easy access to urban infrastructure, but you also get to experience the rich culture of Pune city up close through its diverse lifestyles around you. With Avaanti Residences, you can do it all, from getting to the Pune airport in 30 minutes to finding your favourite activities in the commercial heart of Pune. Know what it’s like to live near streets like FC Road, Tilak Road, and Laxmi Road- places marked with pride in the pages of history. This location is brimming with vibrant life that reflects Pune culture.


Premium Commercial Spaces, an Auspicious Beginning

The Avaanti Residences and Premium Commercial Spaces are integrated spaces that value privacy. The one-of-a-kind design allows for savvy coexistence, with businesses enjoying the luxury of free-flowing customers all day. The premium location in the centre of the city retains your company’s name in the hindsight of Pune residents as you expand your business strategically.


Furthermore, with ABIL Group’s signature style Avaanti Residences, is a project designed to be a luxury landmark. Furthermore, the best-in-class office spaces can enjoy a magnitude of amenities. The premium design with a glass façade creates a forthright and credible identity that draws people into your office space. Moreover, you get access to 100% power backup, so you don’t miss out on potential opportunities.


With destinations such as Swargate, Laxmi Road, and Mukund Nagar only 2 kilometres away and Deccan Gymkhana, MG Road, and Pune Railway Station only 4 kilometres away, you can invite a wide audience and reap the benefits of quick travel to and from work.


If you’re looking to buy a home in a prime location with easy access to the best spots in town, Avaanti Residences is a fantastic option to consider. These ultra-luxurious 3bhk, 4bhk, and 5bhk homes will surely win anyone’s heart!

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