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Living the High Life: All You Need to Know About Sea-Facing Homes in Mumbai

In a diverse country like India, the metropolitan city of Mumbai welcomes those who pursue greater possibilities with open arms. Despite being recognized for its fast-paced lifestyle and high cost of living, it remains one of the most sought-after cities that perfectly blend its cosmopolitan culture and traditional charm.


Mumbai has something for everyone-Its well-planned transportation system and real estate markets cater to the diverse population that resides within its bounds. It attracts people from everywhere and is home to some of India’s best financial districts, entertainment & film industry, vibrant social spaces, and real estate. The constant momentum of being a part of the city becomes an inspiring force that ushers one to experience the high life yearned by many.


Bridging the gap between this city’s dreamers and their dreams, Mumbai is constantly evolving with new and better opportunities. Here, the sky is the limit where one can find the best options on a platter to take life to the next level. For those who have an eye on better lifestyle opportunities or have always wished to upgrade to a home with Arabian Sea views, you can find some exciting news about the new Sea-Facing Homes available for you.


Here’s all you need to know about the new sea-facing homes in Mumbai.


Real estate developers like ABIL Group are redefining luxury with a new lens to keep up with the city’s changing landscape. Their ongoing project-ABIL Mansion is a mark of prestige in South Mumbai. Here’s how the new wave of sea-facing residential project provides a high-end luxury living experience to discerning clients.



The Potential of Great Location

A great location in a bustling city like Mumbai can bring waves of convenience and opportunities. The ultra-premium project is thoughtfully established at a prime location-Hughes Road, overlooking the Queen’s Necklace.

A hub for the best businesses, the location also opens a window of a lifetime to enjoy stunning sunsets over the Arabian Sea. Access the best shopping, dining, business and entertainment avenues, readily available a short drive around the block, making the classic Mumbai traffic just one less thing their residents have to worry about.



Unlock a New World of Luxury

A skyscraper with exclusively appointed simplex and duplex residences designed to provide a unique living experience. Panoramic views, bespoke living areas with an eye for detail, large windows that provide abundant natural light and stunning sea views are just the beginning of this marvelous site. Discover the opulence of a property replete with world-class architecture and design, uber-luxe fabrics and materials and equipped with the choicest amenities. These ultra-premium residences at ABIL Mansion provide an all-new vantage point for a luxurious lifestyle.



Discover a new level of luxury living in ultra-premium sea-facing homes.

This is the opportunity to belong to an exclusive and private gated community that prioritizes privacy, blending luxury, comfort and sophistication.

Enjoy the best of luxury & serenity for a lifetime with the sea-facing homes at ABIL Mansion.

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