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Looking for Luxury: Millennials Are Entering the Housing Market

Even with the changing times, the concept of acquiring a home for oneself and family is still in sync with the quintessential Indian dream. Several surveys confirm that Indian millennials still consider buying a house to be their most significant achievement and a necessary stepping stone in life. When Millennials enter the housing market, they think of home buying as a dependable long-term investment and a sensible strategic decision than renting a property.

More and more millennials want a home, but they do not settle for just any old house. Because for Millennials, buying luxury homes is a sound financial decision for them. Many prefer to skip a starter home in favour of directly looking for a bigger and more luxurious space.  

Millennials’ desire for more elegant homes also reflects their decision to delay entering the housing market. They have anticipated a home of their own for longer than the previous generations, before finally taking the leap. And now they want a place where they can live comfortably for a long time. 

Because of this, they’re positioned to afford more spacious, more upscale homes as opposed to smaller fixer-uppers. This is why ABIL Group offers new families and individuals premium apartments in Pune where they can make a permanent home for themselves. 

How Millennials Are Changing the Luxury Real Estate Market in Pune

Millennials are known to be the generation that buys their phone after comprehensive research— reading reviews and checking out specifications to find the most fitting model. Why should the way they shop for homes be any different?

Their research-driven culture is further strengthened by the internet, where we can find everything we could possibly want to know right at our fingertips— driving millennials into the housing market with a world of knowledge backing them up and informing their decisions.

Many factors drive them to make the choices they do. And in doing so, Millennials are changing real estate. With this new wave of homebuyers revolutionizing the housing market, the ABIL Group has been paying close attention to the following requirements:

Time-compressed Lives:

With their fast-paced, constantly moving lifestyles, Millennials find themselves compelled to seek residences with addresses nearer to their workplaces. 

High Energy Lifestyles:

As Millennials enter the housing market, they are looking for environments where they can unwind, mingle, and find like-minded people. This is vital as they are typically inclined towards locales, more in sync with their enthusiasm and style.

This high energy, secure lifestyle has been a vital consideration in the planning of every single one of ABIL’s offerings. From spacious common areas where friends can catch-up and airy spaces where people can find solitude and recharge— dotted across Pune you can find the spaces you feel at home in.

The Address Must be a Facilitator: 

Millennials are always on the go, and this is a central component of the 21st-century lifestyle. A residential address must empower and enable while being less bothersome and more adaptable.

In a city with as rich a heritage as Pune, Millennial residents come looking to be a part of it. This is made easier, by the fact that they can make a home in the famed parts of central Pune. So, with Avaanti Residences, ABIL offers flats for sale near Sadashiv Peth, Pune, for the true Punekar at heart.

They Look for Green Options:

Surveys have shown that millennials are highly environment-conscious and look for more sustainable homes and communities. So the fact that they are the ones driving the green revolution in housing comes as no surprise to anyone. 

Verde Residences offers the open spaces and green panoramas that city kids aspire to make a home in. The views, along with revolutionary amenities, come together to give the environment-conscious residents the home of their dreams. 

Solar panels and other green facilities will continue to be more popular in the real estate industry— with newer and more efficient technologies becoming a more widespread demand. 

In conclusion, millennial tastes and habits are gearing up to shape the luxury housing market in fascinating new directions. 

In a few years, Pune’s real estate landscape will have undergone a complete shift. And ABIL will continue to cater to the requirements of these new-age buyers with every new residential property.

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