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Luxurious Living with Historic Surroundings

When you think of Pune, what’s the first thought that crosses your mind? Yes, the rich history that is associated with Pune.
The majestic historic structures stand tall at the core of the city. They serve as attractions for both visitors and Pune’s residents. The opulent lifestyles the Peshwas lived attract the viewers even today. The grandeur and glory of these ancient structures bring royal vibes to the surroundings.
We have discovered a gem of a residential project that offers modern luxuries in the historic neighborhood of Pune. ABIL Group, one of the trusted partners for luxurious living in Pune has brought the same extravagant experience to the heart of the city. This ultra-luxurious housing project doesn’t just offer opulent living spaces but also a unique connection to Pune’s rich history.

Spaces As Big as Your Dreams
Avaanti Residences offers one of the most spacious flats in Pune. Their 4, 4.5, and 5 BHK are spread over a vast expanse of 2353 – 3532 sq. ft. These huge flats make your family times a little more comfortable and commodious. Whether it’s relaxing in the living room, enjoying a meal together, or finding your own quiet corner, you’ll have all the space you need to make your moments memorable.
At Avaanti Residences, spacious living isn’t just a luxury. It is a way to create a home that truly fits your aspirations and desires. So, come and explore the vastness of these flats, where every corner brings comfort and luxury.

Amenities beyond Necessities
Avaanti Residences believes that amenities are not just about the essentials. It is about enriching your life with extraordinary features that elevate your living experience. They provide a swimming pool, table tennis court, clubhouse, jogging track, gym, party area, amphitheater, and much more. This ensures that your lifestyle is maintained and enriched. So, when you choose Avaanti Residences, you’re not just getting a home. You gift yourself and your loved ones an ideal life.

Cultural Delights
Having a splendid neighborhood is a pride in itself. This lavish property located on the Tilak Road, brings with it all the richness of history. The streets you walk on reflect stories of valor, culture, and tradition. The grandeur of the past echoes in the architecture that surrounds you. The place is enriched not only by the history of the powerful Maratha Empire but also by the stories of the Independence struggle. Avaanti Residencies will make you an inseparable part of this rich legacy.

The Town at Your Doorstep
The driving force behind this project is to bring you a lifestyle that’s all about convenience. Here you get an opportunity to experience the true essence of city living. Located on Tilak Road, Avaanti Residences offers you the pride of living right in the heart of the city. The convenience here is unparalleled. Be it bustling marketplaces, malls, restaurants, or polo clubs, it’s all in your neighborhood.
For entertainment, you have multiple options. From cinemas to cultural centers, you will never have a dull moment.

Enjoy City Lights
Experience the charm of city life right from your window or balcony. The glow of street lamps that light up the sky. Enjoying city lights from your window or balcony is easy. You can sit with a cup of tea or just relax. The city lights make you feel connected to others who live in the town. There’s no chance that you may feel lonely or disturbed. Your privacy as well as social exposure will go hand in hand.

Your Safety Our Responsibility
The most essential part of luxurious living lies in the safety of the place. You can enjoy a better lifestyle when you rest assured of the safety of your loved ones. ABIL Group has ensured that all their buildings are earthquake-resistant, offering resilience in the face of natural disasters. Also, the premises are under constant surveillance with CCTV cameras, creating a secure environment. Additionally, they have a dedicated fire safety system to promptly address any potential hazards. Your safety is not just a responsibility; it’s their commitment, allowing you to enjoy a worry-free and opulent lifestyle with your loved ones.

Avaanti truly blew our minds. This is just a trailer. To get a bigger and clearer picture, do visit Avaanti Residences at Tilak Road, Pune.

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