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Luxury housing – Why it is right for NRIs with Families in Pune.

There is an interesting and an increasing trend in the real estate market of India. Top builders in Pune have started to launch even more luxury projects as NRIs’ demand for India’s luxury homes has increased. Over the years, NRIs have become more financially powerful as the dollar exchange rate has grown exponentially in recent years. They are looking to make their lives luxurious in every way possible.

Pune is one such city where they can enjoy India’s exotic climate and get back to their roots without compromising their lavish lifestyle. It is a city where cultures and traditions come together to give you an essence of its rich history and a singular experience of real India.

Luxury housing is usually driven by consumer interest and as the buying power of Non-Resident Indians has increased, it has become quite popular. It is in high demand, giving rise to some of the best luxury residential projects in Pune by ABIL Group and other luxury developers.

Amongst the top cities of India, Pune is one of the most preferred destinations for NRI investors. The pleasant weather, cosmopolitan culture, education, lifestyle, cultural heritage etc. give Pune its soul, making it a very nostalgic city. There are a lot of reasons why NRIs should invest in a luxurious property in Pune, some of which are:

1. Better Lifestyle & Climate

NRIs are usually used to the better and modern lifestyles of developed western countries. Luxurious apartments provide them with the same modern designs with modern architecture and sleek interiors. All of this will make you feel at home. A luxury home lets you have the lavish and laidback lifestyle that you have always desired. Pune’s moderate climate adds a cherry on the top.

People who aren’t used to India’s exotic and extreme weather would love a place like Pune, as it is not too hot or cold and offers stunning views. With its surrounding greenery, Verde Residences offers the best of Pune’s natural beauty to its residents.

2. Cultural Heritage

Pune is the cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra. All the forts and ancient relics give you a hint of its rich history, while the city of Pune is a metropolitan city, making it a home to many different cultures and faiths. Unlike several other cities, Pune preserves its heritage and takes pride in its varied culture. Avanti Residences, located in old town Pune, is one example of the merging of historic Pune with modern facilities. All this adds up to give you a unique experience of India, that many NRIs crave.

3. Amenities

Luxury homes are equipped with the best and the most opulent amenities that only the privileged ones can afford to enjoy. Avaanti by ABIL Group has a multipurpose hall, a fully equipped gymnasium, a landscaped podium deck, swimming pool, meeting room, board games room etc. All these amenities add that much desired royal touch to the life of NRIs with families in Pune.

4. Higher Return on Investment

Another great reason to invest in a luxury home in Pune is the consistently high return on investment. The cost of real estate never goes down. If you invest in a luxury home today, the appreciation you will get after some years will be worth a lot more. As the demand for luxury houses increases, there is always an increasing demand in the market, making it an excellent investment for NRI in India.

5. Infrastructure Development

Pune is a developing landscape and is the latest IT and software hub of India. It is also known for its reputed universities. Pune is well connected to Mumbai, India’s financial capital, creating a good development and infrastructure development in the city. All these factors have given rise to luxury residential projects like Castle Royale by ABIL Group which is equipped with the latest and fabulous amenities essential for you to have a lavish lifestyle.

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