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Making the Most of Your Office Space in a High-Profile Area

Owning an office space is a must in today’s time. Right from a financial consultancy firm to a global marketing giant, every business demands a modest office space. It’s the place where you kick-start new beginnings with your clients, it’s the place where innovators and strategists come together to churn out brilliant ideas, and it’s the place where you dare to visualize your business attaining newer limits. To sum it up, owning an ideal commercial space for your business is beneficial in multifold ways. And having a business property in a high-profile area is like the icing on the cake.

But alternatively, one also needs to understand that the ship sails smoothly only when the sailor invests time in its upkeep. Likewise, looking after the business space and utilizing it to your maximum advantage is also a necessity. Wondering how to go about it? Here’s how:




Impressive Designs:


The cabinets and walls won’t talk, but they would surely make your clients talk good things about you! Fancy interiors, installation of fancy furniture, and imported artifacts in the cabin may work initially, but not always. If you own an advertising agency, you can afford to go all out in creativity. But if it’s a Chartered Accountant consultancy firm, you might want to stick to basic colors for highlighting the internal walls of your office. Nonetheless, here are a few basics to keep your office space lively:


  1. Reinventing the space with motivational quotes
  2. Using glass partitions
  3. Filling the vacant corners with artificial plants
  4. Keeping space for natural ventilation to flow in




Lively and Playful Work Environment:


Property, People, and Processes are your 3 P’s in making the business boom. People are your greatest assets. Finding ways to enhance employee productivity is crucial to retaining them in the long run. You can do that by promoting a playful culture within the office. Don’t keep them glued to their desks. Keep them engaged by installing a ping pong table right in the office center. Create a dedicated chilling-out arena with bean bags and a coffee brewing machine. Create a space where people would want to come and work even on weekends!  




Flexible Layout:


Scrap the traditional techniques of going about the business. Prioritize installing furniture that can be easily movable. Make your routine brainstorming sessions a fun-filled affair by using flexible, multi-functional desks and chairs. Another trick is to have movable screens and free-standing office dividers installed in your office space. These methods may seem out of the box, but can surely help you in enabling employees to perform to the best of their abilities. 



When ideal office branding measures and a great location join hands, miracles happen. And when it comes to Pune, there’s no better option than owning your private office space in Koregaon Park. Located right in the heart of the city, this plush locality is home to many successful entrepreneurs who have made a mark in their respective fields. Here’s where you can do both- make strong connections with like-minded people and stay connected to the major touch points of the city. Freeze the idea of shifting or kick-starting your new business in Koregoan Park where properties like ABIL Boulevard and AP 81. These projects embody success and pride with state-of-the-art amenities and spacious office spaces that defy mediocrity, these offices can be your ideal place to take your business to higher limits. 

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