ABIL Group

Mr. Avinash Bhosale is the founder of the ABIL Group and has been actively involved in the Business since 1979. His vision, dynamism and astute leadership have led the ABIL Group to become one of today’s leading business conglomerates. His unsurpassed organizational skills, motivation and eye for detail have been critical factors in ABIL Group’s success.
Mr. Avinash Bhosale grounded attitude has led him to facilitate several philanthropic endeavours which entailed him being actively involved with many Non profitable Organizations and Trusts for supporting the cause of Housing, Education, Medical facilities. Mr. Avinash Bhosale has also set up the ABIL Foundation which is a trust dedicated to charitable funding and works.
Commandeering the best recognitions amongst his peers for his extensive business acumen and entrepreneurship skills, Mr. Avinash Bhosale has laid the supporting pillars for the ABIL Group’s spectacular growth in business and net worth. Constant reinvention and ensuring sustainable development has led the group to face all challenges and emerge as a respected business conglomerate. Mr. Avinash Bhosale believes in adhering to impeccable standards of excellence and efficiency and will continue to do so in the future.
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