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Own a Palatial Sea-Facing Mansion in the Heart of Mumbai

In the city of Mumbai, that’s ever-changing & always evolving, only one thing remains constant.  The ebb & flow of the Arabian Sea that encompasses the city’s boundaries.


This wondrous site, mingled with its metropolitan culture & larger-than-life opportunities, makes this city a dream home for millions of people across the country. From starry-eyed dreamers to professionals, everyone yearns to migrate to the city in search of a home at the destination where it can all turn into reality. But the journey is never as easy.


In this melting pot of cultures, where more and more people influx in, finding the right house is nothing less than a ghoulish nightmare. Some want to live in the prime areas of Mumbai, few seek a quaint abode by the hills, others choose the suburbs, while some just want one thing–to dwell where the sea greets them every waking day.


 Now, with changing times and rapidly transforming skylines, finding a home across the city is difficult, but finding one with an unobstructed sea view- they say, is impossible. Most people end up settling for less. Making their dream home a distant reality.


But, for those who never give up, who persevere & never settle with their dreams, this city finds a way to reward their wish.


Many real estate builders, like the ABIL Group, are building ‘pockets of paradise’ in the coveted locations of the city. So, your dream to own a palatial sea-facing mansion in the heart of Mumbai, can now change from dream to reality.


If you’re already wondering,

Where? …What?… How? We’ll tell you everything.



1 Where?

Afore the queen’s necklace,

Tall till the roof kisses the sky,

Established in the southern suburbs of Mumbai,

Are the ultra-luxury apartments on Hughes Road.


You can explore the city’s breathtaking sea view and enjoy seamless connectivity to your neighborhood, living at the heart of the city.  This is the location where rooted traditions & modern culture mingle together and make a new-age metropolitan address you’ll be happy to call home.



2 The What!


What will you find in the sea-facing mansion? Nothing less than extraordinary.

From the moment you step in, to the moment you close your eyes for slumber, all you experience is wonder. Exquisite architecture, the art of fine detailing & the luxury of modern comforts engulf you in these ultra-premium apartments. The extravagant welcome ushers every resident to an air-conditioned state-of-the-art lobby. Warmly greeted by the concierge, you can head up to your bespoke simplex or duplex. Enter the luxury apartment & let the view of the Arabian sea enthrall you as you look through the gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows.


That’s not it.

Residents can access a pool of world-class amenities while soaking in the blue sea view. From juice bars, hot tubs, and infinity pools to private sundecks 366 ft above sea level, you find it all in exclusively designed homes, like ABIL Mansion.


There’s more.

The unrestrained lifestyle-private yet socially connected, is a reality here. Safeguarded with A1 security, it keeps every resident without worry.



How can you wake to the waves greeting you from your window?

 You can now own a sea-facing mansion at ABIL Mansion on Hughes Road. Real estate leaders like the ABIL Group have painted the dreams of millions into a collected art for only a few to have and cherish.


Strategically designed to bring residents the best of views, lifestyle, and luxury-explore the poetic experience called life like never before.







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