ABIL Group

The “ABIL Group“, India’s premier real estate development firm, founded by Mr. Avinash Bhosale comes with a rich heritage that spans over three decades of pioneering achievements. Since 1979, the ABIL Group have developed some of India’s most revered landmark projects, delivering unparalleled value with customer satisfaction. Imbibed with a philosophy that is strongly embedded well within its roots, the ABIL Group brings with it an ethos that has never shied away from a challenge, by constantly reinventing itself to address the ever changing dynamics of today’s fast paced business environment and evolving Indian real estate market. Fuelled with the endeavor to achieve world-class construction, ABIL Group’s unique focus has stayed ever mindful of the need for corporate governance and sustainable development that has come to form the founding pillars of the organization. In 2001, the ABIL Group forayed into the hospitality sector through a joint venture, with Mumbai’s Sun-n-Sand chain of hotels, acquiring the erstwhile Holiday Inn in Pune.
In just over a decade, they have expanded their reach in Mumbai, Nagpur and Goa, providing five star luxury hotels with high standards of excellence.Over the last three decades of consistent successes, awarded the ABIL Group with numerous opportunities to develop infrastructure projects, such as highways, bridges, tunnels, canals and dams. Armed with this invaluable experience infused with dynamic leadership, the ABIL Group transformed itself into a formidable real estate development powerhouse, with a focused vision to set new benchmarks through sustainable development and high standards of excellence within various sectors of the Indian real estate development landscape. Pioneering some of the country’s most prestigious real estate endeavors and credibility built through perseverance, the ABIL Group is firmly enthroned on a solid foundation of multiplying value, passion for excellence, adaptability and a keen concern for the environment, within which the organization operates to become market leaders in the business of Real Estate, Hospitality and Infrastructure Development.
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