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Spot the Secret to Eco-Elegance Beyond Blueprints

A secret to eco-elegance awaits in the heart of Pune’s vibrant Koregaon Park. Concealed within the sleek glass façade of ABIL’s premium commercial project—The Edge. It unlocks the doors where sustainability meets sophistication, and every detail goes beyond blueprints. It is the fusion of connectivity, luxury, and eco-consciousness in a tower designed for individuals who want to conduct business in comfort and style.

Eco-Elegance in the Heart of Koregaon Park:
The Edge stands tall as a symbol of eco-elegance meticulously woven in Koregaon Park. Nestled in a neighborhood synonymous with culture and cosmopolitan charm. The Edge offers a location that reflects prestige and vibrancy.

Connectivity Beyond Borders:
The Edge is strategically positioned, embracing the benefits of great connectivity. It is conveniently located near the Kalyani Nagar metro station. This connectivity links businesses to the city’s pulse as well as fosters a dynamic atmosphere for success. The Edge serves as a vital entry point to Pune’s flourishing economic districts.

Luxurious Leasable Space:
The Edge is an embodiment of luxury in functionality, featuring 9.1 lac sq. ft. of leasable area spread across 22 floors. Each floor has a floor plate of 35,000 sq. ft., providing a canvas for entrepreneurs to paint their success stories on. This premium commercial space is designed to inspire and elevate. It establishes a new benchmark for corporate environments.

Curated Social Amenities:
The Edge introduces a concept of curated social amenities, offering around 20,000 sq. ft. of communal spaces. These thoughtfully designed areas redefine the work-life balance. It allows for a smooth transition from professional to social settings. Every aspect reflects a commitment to the holistic well-being of its occupants, from collaborative offices to revitalizing lounges.

Sustainability Beyond Standards:
What distinguishes The Edge is its commitment to sustainability. The tower raises environmental awareness to unprecedented heights. It optimizes energy, materials, landscaping, renewable energy, and water resources. The project has achieved Gold LEED certification and is working to obtain the renowned Well and Arc certifications. It represents ABIL’s commitment to developing spaces that are ecologically sustainable.

Gold LEED Certified: Leading the Way in Sustainable Design:
The Edge has received Gold LEED accreditation, demonstrating its excellence in sustainable design and construction. The LEED accreditation recognizes The Edge’s commitment to energy efficiency, less environmental impact, and a healthier indoor environment—a real symbol of eco-elegance.

Well and Arc Certifications: Elevating the Standard:
The path to sustainability does not stop with Gold LEED certification. The Edge is actively working to get the Well and Arc certifications. Increasing its standing as a pioneer in environmentally responsible business areas. These certifications demonstrate The Edge’s commitment to raising the bar for environmental responsibility and worker well-being.

Conclusion: The Edge—Where Sustainability Meets Success:
ABIL’s The Edge is a synergy between luxury, connectivity, and sustainability. Beyond its sleek glass façade lies a world where businesses thrive in comfort and style. Where eco-elegance isn’t a mere blueprint but a living reality.
We encourage you to step into a location that surpasses standard office environs as we uncover the key to The Edge’s eco-elegance. It’s a haven, creating an atmosphere conducive to success and well-being. The Edge is a reflection of Pune’s dynamic business landscape and a blueprint for the future of commercial excellence.

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