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The Perfect Blend of City & Coast: Sea-Facing Homes in Mumbai

The Perfect Blend of City & Coast: Sea-Facing Homes in Mumbai

Mumbai is a city that simply has everything to offer. It is the financial hub of India and one of the most important cities in the world. The city has a rich history, culture and architecture. But nothing exemplifies the spirit of Mumbai like the Arabian Sea.

For people in Mumbai, the sea is the solace and of pride. For a city clambered for space, homes by the sea come as true luxury.

Imagine the Best of Luxury Homes in Mumbai’s Most Coveted Sea Facing Spaces. There just 10 of them!

The perfect blend of city and coast

The sun kissing the sea – two things that are inextricably linked. Describing this duo is a breeze because the instant one thinks about luxury, the sun and the sea come to mind for their intrinsic prestige. So why not merge these two into one? A premium luxury home which rests in the upmarket section of Mumbai and overlooks the azure waters of the Arabian Sea.

A unique oasis in the city

Last week we found interesting lifestyle residences at ABIL Mansion, an ultra-premium residential project in the upmarket South Mumbai location overseeing the Arabian Sea. The ABIL Mansion project is located at the northern end of Queen’s Necklace. This newest 32 storied tower is surrounded by beautiful old mansions, each 2-3 floors high. With 7 floors dedicated to parking and lobby, the homes starting at 8th floor get unobstructed views of the sea.

Waterfront residential apartments in Mumbai

Being a bustling metropolis, it is difficult to imagine that there are still many pockets within its limits where you can enjoy nature’s bounty. This is where ABIL Mansion comes into picture! ABIL Mansion offers you an opportunity to own your dream home by providing you with the most desirable location in South Mumbai – along Marine Drive facing Arabian Sea!

Opulence and luxury

With the city of Mumbai growing at an unprecedented pace, it’s not just the land that’s getting more expensive—it’s also the views. But if you’re looking for a premium property in South Mumbai, look no further than ABIL Mansion. This ultra-premium residential project offers a blend of city and coast that is truly incomparable. Living by the sea is a privilege that few can afford. But luxury real estate is rare like unobstructed views of sea-facing homes that are unrivalled in anywhere in the city.

Thoughtful Amenities

The viewing deck with a 360-degree view of the city skyline that is perfect for those who love to watch the sunset or sunrise over Mumbai’s most coveted sea-facing spaces. What amazed us are the rooftop amenities that include a swimming pool and fitness centre. They’re curated with the finest taste and are beyond mesmerising. Even the vehicle elevators are big enough to fit a Rolls Royce.


The best part about sea-side properties is how private they feel. They’re tucked away from busy streets and traffic noise, so you can enjoy peace and quiet as often as you’d like. Plus there’s always something interesting going on outside your window—from seagulls flying overhead to boats passing by on their way out into open waters—so you’ll never get bored watching nature go about its business! 

There are plenty of sea-view homes but truly luxurious, thoughtfully build, and spacious homes are exceedingly rare. And that’s a rare find we discovered for you.

ABIL Mansion is an unrivalled lifestyle in South Mumbai with its covetable location, sea-facing homes and unparalleled brand services, that fulfil every whim and desire.


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