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India as a country has grown rapidly over the last decade, which has given rise to a nation that is abound with opportunity, wealth and prosperity. This economic boom laid the foundation for innovation for a new, young vibrant India that gave everyone the exposure and access to experiences, which were earlier only limited to a select few. Among the major metropolises in India, Mumbai and Pune are high up in the list of cities that have shown tremendous infrastructural growth, there by attracting the attention of individuals and many multinational corporate entities across industries to setup base in India.

To meet the demands of India’s burgeoning real estate market, the ABIL Group has constantly pushed the envelope to develop projects that meet both, the local sentiment as well as international standards of quality.

The ABIL Group opened the gates to India’s first St. Regis Hotel, the iconic luxury hospitality brand from the Starwood Group in Sep 2015.

“Starwood’s global reach and its powerful loyalty program will further strengthen our outreach to affluent travelers and elevate India’s luxury hospitality landscape,” Managing Director, ABIL Group Amit Bhosale said. In Mumbai the property boasts of a 38 floor high rise, with a mix of luxury suites, impeccable interiors, a business center and home to the cities leading nightlife establishments. The St. Regis Hotel is an iconic space combining classic sophistication with a modern sensibility.

Under the guidance of the ABIL group to meet standards of quality that define a luxury property such as St. Regis Hotel, the interiors are ornamented with classical elements and intricately detailed decorative touches. The St. Regis Hotel is famous for its heritage, where art has played an important role in creating a luxurious and world-class environment. Fervently visible to the connoisseur’s eye, artistic accomplishments by various Indian stalwarts such as MF Hussain, SH Raza, NS Bendre, Jogen Chowdhury and Paresh Maity among others are dotted along the walls of the hotel. The St. Regis Hotel & Resorts, boasts of a mural in the lobby called “Mumbai Flavors”, which was specially commissioned to an internationally renowned artist ‘Iranna GR’, that encapsulates the local flavors of the city such as politics, Bollywood industry and industrialists as part of a mandate to meet St. Regis’s international brand standards.

Bringing this to life has given the ABIL Group to partner with some of the most highly qualified and experienced professionals such as Calasis, PG Patki and interior designer Wilson & Associate from Hong Kong, Mr. Amit Bhosale, Managing Director, ABIL says, “I believe the art in any space is directly related to the interior of that space. When we start the design aspects for any project, we always try to incorporate good ideas, that have inspired us through experiences we have imbibed internationally”.

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