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Why Pune Stays a lucrative bet for home buying

As people shift from their hometowns in pursuit of their careers, more and more people are relocating across the country. Pune, in the last few decades, has witnessed an incremental upsurge in population basis factors and as a result, a surge in home buying. But, as last year has proven, having easy access to medical necessities and hospitals will be the top concern for home-buyers in the future.

And Pune is certainly the place that can give them that access. It is also a city that has evolved with the health requirements of its residents in mind.

The stable macro-economics, desirable climate, smart infrastructure, the presence of active IT hubs and manufacturing enterprises, along with comfortable housing, can cater to the needs of people from diverse sections of society.

Due to this, people from across the world have chosen Pune, to settle in and build a career base and caused it to become a profitable investment. Given the spacious nature of homes here, these factors will likely remain accurate for years to come.
According to Financial Express, with the discounts and government reliefs offered, due to COVID-19, in cities like Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore, the real estate market is ripe for investment.

Many consider Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore to be the best places to invest in real estate by Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). Buying a home in these cities is reported to present good prospects for rental returns and value appreciation. In this competition, Pune and Bangalore have surpassed the other cities in terms of profitability, potential job opportunities, and demand price index.

Why is Pune real estate a lucrative bet?

Pune draws a diverse resident profile from varied cultural and economic backgrounds, giving it a unique mix of people. Today, this cosmopolitan city has evolved into a fast-developing metropolis.
As Pune has installed itself as a nucleus of the country’s IT sector, it boasts of a thriving start-up ecosystem as well as several renowned educational and research institutes— making it a practical choice for India’s working population.

International investors, too, favour Pune as the city paves the way for profitable returns. Investors achieve beneficial policies, especially in light of the Government’s increased efforts to keep the real estate market booming.The ABIL Group, too, has been a proud contributor to this infrastructure development with projects in both commercial and residential sectors. Other developers also find Pune to be the right place for their future designs after 2020.

Here are a few key reasons why Pune has become a haven for home-buyers in the post-pandemic Era:


Most of the areas are easily accessible, and transport is not an obstacle in Pune. You can move from one corner of the city to another in just 1 to 1.5 hour, which is not likely in other towns. Hospitals, clinics, and other essential services are dotted across the city’s corners. So medical aid is easily accessible— a growing concern in the COVID period.

Fresh and Green

The rich green trees by roadside embellish the entire appearance and sense of the city. Small hillocks and great climate only add to this picture-perfect attraction. So, those who are searching for new build homes in an aesthetic setting will find what they are looking for in Pune. Castel Royale is one such development that offers luxury enveloped in nature for people looking to get away from the hustle and bustle.
The landscape of Pune is ideal for people for socially distant explorations, which is very much the need of the hour and will remain so for a long time to come.


Pune is among the most liveable cities in India— this according to Mercer’s Quality of Living Rankings of 2019. Another notable factor is the growing awareness and concern in citizens and the civic services when it comes to the health and safety of fellow-citizens.
This is the place where you can see a glimpse of contemporary India, where tradition and modernity blend seamlessly. Homes at Avaanti Residences offer you this perfect amalgamation of Pune’s heritage and future.

Return on Investment

Pune is also the city near other significant towns like Mumbai, Kolhapur, etc., making it a profitable investment for many. As real estate is not exactly a liquid asset, converting it into cash quickly isn’t easy. Pune is an accepted market with several home-buyers to sell & buy off the purchase without an extensive impact on the value.

Business people and investor communities today feel confident about profitable financial growth moving into the next five years, even with the looming slowdown post-lockdown. And, ABIL Group believes real estate has continually been a significant driving force in Pune’s development. So, get in and invest in the Pune property market. You won’t regret it!

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