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With CSR, ABIL Ensures Inclusive Growth Remains As Its Central Ideology.

Creating a solid business presence & CSR go hand-in-hand for every socially conscious organization. Corporate Social Responsibility is a philanthropic goal to contribute to society’s growth.

It aims to bring positive change and accelerate socio-economic & other fundamental development.But, what marks a difference is when an organization’s Values are built on making CSR a habit & not an obligation. Leading real estate visionaries like ABIL Group have created a legacy of recognition by mingling CSR with their core values to ensure inclusive growth within society as a whole.

Known as the builders of luxury residential projects in Pune, ABIL Foundation has always actively participated in society’s welfare. The CSR initiative is inclusive to all demographics in the community with the simple aim of contributing to a better future for all. They have been actively working in dynamic sectors like healthcare, education, sanitation, housing/shelter, children care, and empowerment of underprivileged & economically weaker sections. Including corporate social responsibility and real estate, the group also strategically raises awareness of the city’s beautification.

The organization uses commercial CSR to provide the need of the hour solution for several causes that burden the state. Through acts of charity & donations, they offer a composite network of support during unprecedented times.


Here are few ways ABIL chooses to make a difference-

1. Financial Support ABIL is a pillar of strength for several families! They engage in various causes, from honoring martyrs to village schemes by donating financial aid.

2. Events for Employee Safety
How an organization treats its employees says a lot about their values. For ABIL Group, the commercial CSR to endeavor for better begins with their employees. They actively promote health & wellness through First Aid training, Vaccination & Pulse Polio drive, blood donation camps & medical examinations in collaboration with experts. They also conduct various educational sessions & activities to help develop additional skills.

3. Growth in City’s Infrastructure

When the city prospers, people living in it also reap its benefits. From constructing safe crossing roads to providing amenities like Computer Hardware peripherals, ABIL corresponds to children’s growth in educational facilities. Understanding the deficit in basic amenities, they also built several shelters for the underprivileged, toilet & community toilets to enhance community awareness.

4 Care for Residents Each initiative, whether it’s the ABIL Swargate Project or other commercial & residential projects- their ideology is translated by the keen attention to detail they provide.

Their aim of developing the city’s infrastructure begins from their project of providing the best of opportunities & amenities to its residents. We can experience the care with which ABIL leaves a proud footprint as builders of luxurious apartments in Pune. Still, with CSR, ABIL ensures inclusive growth remains as its central ideology. It fosters a community spirit & emphasizes the need for creating significant impact to accelerate development for the people in Maharashtra.

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