ABIL Group

Corporate Social Responsibility

ABIL Group is a strong value-based corporate organization, which believes in relationships beyond business and the overall betterment of the community. In the spirit of trusteeship, a major part of our profits is channeled into social welfare and philanthropic initiatives that are carried out under the aegis of the ABIL Foundation. ABIL Foundation, a registered trust, with a long-standing record for spreading goodwill is guided by the visions of luminaries such as the Late Mohanji Dharia, Hon. Narendraji Jadhav, Hon. Pratapraoji Pawar, Dr. S.B. Mujumdar and Mr. Avinash Bhosale. Health, education, sanitation, housing/shelter, children’s care, and the fight against life-threatening diseases for the underprivileged and economically disadvantaged sections of the society are all covered by our CSR initiatives. Over the course of 16 years, ABIL Foundation has supported numerous CSR projects with significant aid and contribution in all of these vital sectors. The Group has provided assistance, donations, and care to people especially during tragic situations, as well as recognized the heroes and rising stars, who came forward to support those who were in need. The Foundation has also helped individuals, hospitals, organizations, and the state government to combat the pandemic with significant financial contribution, besides donating oxygen tanks to the PMC and providing cooked meals at a hospital. Increasing public awareness and improving the appearance of our city are important actions for the Foundation as well.
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