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ABIL Projects - Avaanti Residences


4, 4.5, and 5 BHK

Avaanti Residences, nestled in the historic Tilak Road locale of Pune, unveils an exquisite selection of luxury duplex houses in Pune, complemented by meticulously crafted 4, 4.5, and 5 BHK apartments. Spearheaded by the esteemed ABIL Group, this project epitomizes architectural finesse and lavish interiors, setting a new standard for luxury living in Pune.

ABIL Projects - Verde Residences Pune


4, 4.5, and 5 BHK

The Verde Residence Collection is situated in one of Pune’s most coveted and well-connected locations, boasting excellent city infrastructure and a secure environment. With easy access to Pune International Airport, the Pune-Nagar Highway, and the Pune-Solapur Highway, as well as premier shopping destinations like KOPA Mall and Phoenix Market City, this prime project offers unparalleled convenience.

ABIL Projects - Castel Royale Tower Nine


4, 4.5, and 5 BHK

Nestled within an expansive 18-acre expanse of lush greenery, Castel Royalé Tower Nine epitomizes residential luxury amidst nature’s embrace. Situated centrally, this tranquil oasis presents a rare opportunity for premium living.

Why ABIL & Location advantages

Guided by the leadership of Mr. Avinash Bhosale and Mr. Amit Bhosale, Avaanti has established itself as the epitome of premium residential and commercial spaces in Pune. Owning a premium apartment or commercial space at Avaanti in Tilak Road, Pune, grants access to prime city locations like Sinhagad Road, Deccan, and Swargate. Notable as one of Pune’s premier new residential and commercial projects, Avaanti embodies ABIL Group’s commitment to delivering top-tier luxury developments. When you choose an apartment or business location at Avaanti, Tilak Road, you’re near Pune’s renowned shopping and business districts such as Laxmi Road, FC Road, M G Road, and Deccan. Avaanti delivers unparalleled premium residential and commercial offices in Pune, developed by Olympia. In Pune’s bustling metropolis, where innovation is fleeting, prepare for something truly extraordinary. Verde Residences, luxury flats in upscale Kalyani Nagar, is a project as ambitious as it is exclusive. Discover your dream home within the luxury apartments for sale in Pune, offering 360-degree views of lush greenery in the city center. Expect internationally benchmarked facilities and a vibrant community culture at Verde Residences, crafted by Startford – An ABIL, Clover Builders & Clover Realty Venture. Immerse yourself in life at the most luxurious apartments in Pune, experiencing the lifestyle you’ve always envisioned.


Luxurious houses, nestled atop high-rise buildings, provide unparalleled vistas of Pune’s cityscape, catering to discerning individuals seeking exquisite residential options. These residences are renowned for their expansive layouts, premium amenities, and lavish designs, epitomizing opulence in the real estate realm.

Positioned on the uppermost floors, the duplex in Pune offers unobstructed panoramas of the city skyline or picturesque surroundings, allowing residents to immerse themselves in scenic beauty from the comfort of their homes. Expansive windows and spacious terraces enhance the experience.

With sprawling layouts across multiple floors, penthouses boast generous living spaces, multiple bedrooms, and deluxe bathrooms, exuding sophistication with upscale finishes and premium materials, creating an atmosphere of refined elegance.

Duplex in Pune stands out with exclusive amenities tailored to residents’ preferences, ranging from private lifts and designated parking to on-site facilities like fitness centers, pools, and concierge services, ensuring an exceptional living experience. Some penthouses for sale even feature private rooftop gardens, infinity pools, or entertainment zones, adding to their allure.

Privacy and security are paramount in Pune’s penthouses, providing residents a retreat from the urban hustle. Advanced security systems and controlled access ensure peace of mind, allowing occupants to enjoy their exclusive sanctuary.

While luxury houses in Pune symbolize wealth and refinement, their exclusivity comes at a premium price. These residences are highly sought after by affluent individuals seeking the epitome of opulent living, willing to invest in unparalleled comfort and elegance.


Investing in a luxury house in Pune can be worth it for those seeking upscale living standards, exclusive amenities, prime locations, and potential appreciation in value. Pune's growing infrastructure, thriving job market, and cosmopolitan lifestyle add to the appeal, making luxury flats a desirable choice for discerning buyers looking for both comfort and prestige.

Yes, duplex houses in Pune can accommodate home office setups effectively, with the availability of separate rooms or floors that can be designated as workspaces, ensuring privacy and productivity for remote work or business activities.

Living in a duplex house offers benefits such as increased privacy compared to apartments, potential rental income from one unit, shared maintenance costs, and a sense of ownership akin to a standalone house while still being part of a community.

Yes, investing in a luxury house in Pune could be a favorable time. With its growing economy and expanding infrastructure, Pune offers promising opportunities for real estate investment. Additionally, favorable interest rates and market conditions may make purchasing a luxury property a wise decision for those seeking upscale living or investment prospects.

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