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Experience the epitome of luxury living with Interior Design by Versace Home, a global symbol of glamour, brought to you by Avinash Bhosale Group (ABIL). ABIL Mansion offers the ultimate branded living experience, being the first residential property in India designed by Versace Home. Each spacious simplex and duplex apartment provides unobstructed views of the Arabian Sea, the Queen’s Necklace, and South Mumbai’s famous cityscape. Indulge in lifestyle amenities adorned with Versace’s iconic motifs, offering a unique experience rooted in design and style. This residential tower, standing approximately 111 meters tall, boasts 12 bespoke apartments, including 7 expansive duplexes and 5 simplexes.

Why ABIL & Location advantages –

At ABIL GROUP, we stand as prominent builders in Pune, driven by the vision of Mr. Avinash Bhosale and now under the leadership of Mr. Amit Bhosale. Our ethos revolves around continuous reinvention to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape. Anchored in values of excellence, inclusivity, equality, and efficiency, we pursue sustainable growth. Mumbai’s Most Exclusive Address, nestled off Marine Drive, Hughes Road, seamlessly blends old-world charm with contemporary luxury. The Queen’s Necklace, a pinnacle of South Mumbai, epitomizes opulence globally. These super-luxury ultra-modern homes evoke a timeless sense of affluence, welcoming you to the distinguished neighborhood of South Mumbai with its grand architecture and lifestyle.


In Mumbai’s bustling urban landscape, luxury 4 BHK flats represent the epitome of upscale living, offering unparalleled comfort and sophistication. These residences, strategically located in exclusive neighborhoods like South Mumbai, Bandra, and Lower Parel, redefine opulence with their expansive living spaces and panoramic views of the cityscape or Arabian Sea. Each Luxury4 BHK flat in Mumbai is meticulously designed to provide a seamless blend of elegance and functionality. With spacious bedrooms, lavish living areas, and state-of-the-art kitchens, residents enjoy the ultimate in luxury living. High-end finishes, designer interiors, and premium amenities such as infinity pools, private gyms, and landscaped gardens further enhance the living experience, creating an ambiance of indulgence and relaxation.
Moreover, the prime locations of these luxury residences offer easy access to the city’s finest dining, shopping, and entertainment destinations. Whether it’s savoring gourmet cuisine at upscale restaurants or enjoying a stroll along Marine Drive, residents of 4 BHK flats in Mumbai are surrounded by the best that the city has to offer. In conclusion, luxury 4 BHK flats in Mumbai symbolize a lifestyle of luxury and refinement, providing residents with an unparalleled living experience in one of India’s most vibrant cities. With their exquisite designs, premium amenities, and coveted locations, these residences set the standard for upscale living in Mumbai’s competitive real estate market.


Beyond the high-end amenities and spacious living, luxury apartments offer a sense of convenience with concierge services readily available to cater to your needs. The buildings often foster a sense of community, and the location typically places you near premium shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Luxury apartments in Mumbai typically offer premium amenities like concierge services, high-end security systems, gymnasiums, swimming pools, landscaped gardens, smart home technology, designer interiors, and panoramic city views.

Investing in a luxury flat in Mumbai offers numerous benefits. These upscale properties typically appreciate over time, ensuring a lucrative return on investment. Additionally, they provide access to premium amenities, prime locations, and a prestigious lifestyle, making them desirable assets in Mumbai's competitive real estate market.

ABIL Mansion by ABIL Group stands out as an excellent choice for purchasing a 4 BHK sea-facing apartment in Mumbai. Situated in a prime location, this project offers luxurious residences with unobstructed views of the Arabian Sea, lavish amenities, and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a prestigious and opulent living experience.

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